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What's in a name? What if your name is common, like super common? Like the #1 ranked last name in the entire state of Illinois? Then you are a Smith, congrats.

The last name "Smith" is the #1 last name in all of Illinois with 99,275 incidence. ForeBears

When I looked over this list, I guess there really wasn't  many surprises. The "common" last name appears quite a bit, and I started thinking how many people do with these last names and does make sense from my perspective.

So let's see how common your name is, here's the list of the Top Ten Most Comon Last Names in Illinois:

  • 1. Smith
  • 2. Johnson
  • 3. Williams
  • 4. Brown
  • 5. Miller
  • 6. Jones
  • 7. Davis
  • 8. Anderson
  • 9. Garcia
  • 10. Jackson

I quizzed Double T on the top ten list, and wanted to see if he could name three of the ten. In a strange way, filled with complete randomness, he said, "Jackson, Johnson and Smith." So ten, two, and one...what a weirdo.

You have to go all the way to number 25 to find one that's "different." By different, I guess I don't know anyone with the last name of Patel. There are 26,329 of them in the Land of Lincoln.

The list goes all the way to name number 999 which is "Kendall."

See how your family ranks in the state, and see how many of each you know. For the record, in Winnebago County the #1 last name is Anderson, (which is number eight in the state) followed by Williams and Miller.

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