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By a show of hands, who is freakin' over the returning cold and snow? Thought so, me too...Today we get some white stuff again and ice cold temps that will last for a bit.

Yes there is some April snow coming today, sorry in advance...I'm just sharing the info I didn't order this crap. I have a lot of weather words that I don't care for, "Wintery Mix" is one of those unpredictable and gross terms. So we get rain, and snow....that's weather dude.

So there's a "Wintery Mix" scheduled for us today. Here's what MyStateline is saying...Possible rain snow mix with the majority of the snow south of use, total accumulations around one inch for us locally. The freezing is what will get us though...Tuesday evening into Wednesday morning, sub freezing temps in the upper 20's. These temps are also possible Wednesday evening.

So we get through one FINAL snowfall and a freeze for a couple days (I think I said this a few weeks back) and then it's smooth sailing with temps in the 60's once again. We will see the sun again on Wednesday with a high around 60 degrees.

So some snow (not much) today and then your windshield will have ice on Wednesday and the travel will be a little slick on your way to work Wednesday and Thursday. Yuck. Deep breath, it will be summer before you know it, and then we just worry about tornadoes.

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