Some usage of modern technology makes me shake my head. Maybe it's my "get off my lawn" moment, but not everything needs an app. There's actually an app called "Pocket Heat" that makes your phone overheat on purpose to use it as a heater...Seems incredibly safe. Well, when the heat "really" gets turned up, as in a fire or any other type of unwanted situation, the city of Freeport has an app that makes sense.

The Freeport Fire Department has unveiled "Community Connect." This is an app for your phone that keeps you connected, aware, and to call for help when needed. MyStateline

“It’s important to enter the information, but then also keep it up to date. If anything changes, if someone moves out of the home, if your hazards in the home change, if you do some remodeling that might impact the information that you put into the system, those are all important things to make sure that you keep up on.” - Freeport Fire Chief Bradley Liggett

To check out the app CLICK HERE.

Not only is this important for community members if a dangerous situation is taking place, but this also works well for business owners. The Freeport business owner makes the app aware of the businesses building structure, and whether there is hazardous materials in the business.

When seconds count, having an app like this at your fingertips could be the difference between life and death. Way to go Freeport Fire Department.


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