Free things you can get your Mom for Mother's Day.

Let's face it. Mother's Day is arguably the most important holiday of the year. It doesn't matter if it's for your own Mom or the Mother of your children. No one can compete with the things Moms do for their family. You must show appreciation. If you don't do it properly, it won't be forgotten.

I understand times are tough. It's difficult to come up with the extra money to get your Mother something special for her day.

You might have to go to extreme levels to get it done like donate plasma, sell your vinyl collection, drink the free coffee at work, or don't go out drinking on the weekend to name a few. You get the idea.

Well luckily, we have the internet to help us find some great deals for Mother's Day. Here are some good ones according to

"Applebee's - Spend $50 on gift cards, get a free $10 gift card."

"Baskin Robbins - Order your Mother's Day ice cream cake online and save $3 with promo code MOTHER. Good through May 16."

"Hooter's - Moms can get a free entree with drink purchase."

"KFC - The chicken chain is giving away a romance novella, "Tender Wings of Desire," featuring founder Harland Sanders - that's Col. Sanders to you and me - as the love interest."

"Outback Steakhouse - Get free $10 gift card with the purchase of $50 in gift cards."

"Papa Murphy's - The pizza chain is partnering with Pepsi for a Mother's Day sweepstakes giving away a three day, two night trip to Las Vegas. The runner up prize is a $100 Papa Murphy's gift card. Sweepstakes runs through May. 14."

"Starbucks - Enjoy half-prices Frappuccino each day from 3-6 p.m. through May 14."

I'm sure if you start looking around, there are many more out there too.

Just make sure you give your Mother a great day.

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