Graduation season is here, what are you going to get him/her?

How Much Money Are You Supposed To 'Gift' High School Graduates?

The ceremony, the parties, the relatives (ick), and don't forget the gifts. It's high school graduation season and getting your graduate an awesome gift is very important.

Whether your kid is off to college, the military, or ready to jump head first into the work word, a quality gift is important. Cash is always nice, the heartfelt well thought out stuff is cool, but what about something locally that just says "you did it"!

There are so many great spots locally that will help you say good job, here are a few ideas.

Here are Four Local Ideas on What to get You High School Graduate:

  • Vinyl from Culture Shock - Get a turntable, and give your kid a history lesson on rock and roll. They will thank you later.
  • Local shirts from Rockford Art Deli - Here's your chance to look cool for the kids, some locally branded 815 clothing.
  • Gym Membership to Peak - The Freshman 15? Nah, beat em to it and get their butts in shape.
  • A RESCUE from Noah's Ark Animal Shelter - If the kids are staying home, get them some responsibility and do it right with a rescue.



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