Your four-legged-furry friends no longer have to go outside to go potty at Midway Airport.

This. Is. Genius.

I don't even have a dog, but if I did, this would be something I would celebrate.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Chicago's Department of Aviation turned a family restroom into an indoor dog bathroom.

The bathroom includes artificial grass, a mini fire hydrant, poop bags and an automatic flushing system for liquid waste.

Dog need a quick rinse? They've got you covered too! There is a shower head mounted with a hose to spray down the area or your dog.

This isn't the first doggy bathroom to be installed at a Chicago Airport. O'Hare airport opened their doggy bathroom in October.

If you plan to travel with your furry friend at Midway Airport you can find it past the security checkpoint at Concourse A near Gate 4.