A package of marijuana was misdelivered in Wisconsin and police would like to return it to the proper owner.

Online Order Lost In the Mail

Nowadays, many consumers do their shopping on the internet and have it delivered directly to their homes. Even people who never thought about doing it in the past are jumping on the bandwagon.

If you offer delivery, someone will request it just for convenience. You do not even have to leave your couch to be taken care of. You can purchase just about anything online and the business owner will get it to you without a problem. Well, most of the time.

Of course, no system is perfect. Sometimes the item does not make it to the destination. The package could be misdelivered. Hopefully, if that happens it can be easily tracked down and sent to the proper address.

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Modern Day Lost And Found

Do you remember when places had a lost and found? If you misplaced something like a winter jacket, your mother would make you retrace your steps to find it.

You would go back to school, a business, or somewhere else and ask if they have seen it. Then, they would pull out a big cardboard box of all the things left behind. You cross your fingers and hoping it is there. Otherwise, you were in big trouble.

It is much different now. Once again, the internet makes life much easier. People will post lost or found items on social media to connect the items with the owner. I see them all the time. It is a good way to track someone or something down.

Just like this on Rockford's Craigslist.

Photo of Craigslist
Photo of Craigslist

Police Looking For Owner Of Misdelivered Package

In this particular case, the item being delivered is special so the police are trying to track down the owner so they can return it. They posted about it on their Facebook page.

Photo from Town of Geneva Police Department Facebook Page
Photo from Town of Geneva Police Department Facebook Page

I really think that was a really nice move on their part. Someone paid a lot of money for that package. I would hate to see them lose out. I am sure the owner is waiting patiently for the delivery.

I love when police departments use a little bit a humor on social media in cases like this one. Who would really try a move like it? Do not answer, I already know the answer.

It would be hilarious if someone actually did call the cops to claim the weed. I think they were get a warm welcome at the police station.

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