Like many of the bands of their era, Ratt have undergone lineup changes and staged reunions, but could we see a majority of the original lineup onstage together again? During an interview on the One on One With Mitch Lafon podcast, former vocalist Stephen Pearcy discussed the possibility, as well as the buzz recently generated when he posted a photo of himself with Juan Croucier, Warren DeMartini and former White Lion drummer Greg D'Angelo, who has played with Pearcy's solo band.

Ratt's status has been under the scrutiny of the courts of late, as drummer Bobby Blotzer and guitarist Warren DeMartini, the two final original members to have been in the group, have been engaged in legal action after Blotzer wanted to claim the rights to the band name when DeMartini didn't want to tour. DeMartini has filed suit claiming that Blotzer was passing off his "tribute band" as the real thing, but Blotzer has won early court rulings to perform with his band under the Ratt name. So it's of no surprise that Blotzer was absent in the photo featuring the other three Ratt members.

When asked about the photograph by Lafon, Pearcy responded, "Well, the bottom line is we still all talk — Juan, Warren and I. Warren and I actually got together and wrote a song a while back, which is phenomenal. We're actually probably going to re-do it."

He continued, "Everybody was just taking these pictures, and I just liked one [on social media]. [Laughs] I thought it was time to… you know, never say never. And that was pretty much about it. Not immediately, but I think the picture spoke a thousand words."

As for whether there's a future with his former bandmates, Pearcy stated, "Juan has jammed with me several times, and who knows what will happen soon enough? We're just waiting for some dust to settle. I really can't say anything right now, but if the public has any positive message, it's being heard ... It's like Western days: dust settles, things happen. Just never say never. And it's not gonna be called 'TTAR' either."

When asked about the legal action over the Ratt name, Pearcy stated, "Let me explain something here: It's not our doing; it's one person who has decided… They're trying to change the course of history. Now, we're in the history books if we never play again. You wanna know who did what? Do some research. This isn't something to where if you hear it enough, you'll believe it. I think our fans are smarter than that worldwide. So I'll just leave it at that."

Pearcy stated that the legal situation with Blotzer would have to be cleared up before any announcements of a Ratt reunion could take place, but he reiterated "never say never." He continued, "We're all friends — most of us [laughs] — and we still have integrity for what we created. And we're not out there trying to bulls--t people, talking down on people; that's pretty adolescent. We're grownups. It's a business. It's not a 'me-me-me' situation. So it takes time. Good things come to those who wait. And we'll see what happens."

"I can't speak for a person out there trying to convince people that we never existed, but we're grown men," added Pearcy. "We make careful moves and decisions. So if something happens, it's supposed to. It's not that we're trying to stay in the game, or need to. We just like what we do. When things are right, they're very good. And I think we're getting there. Like I said, when the dust settles, people will know."

Hear more of Pearcy's discussion with Mitch Lafon in the podcast player below.

Hear Stephen Pearcy on One on One With Mitch Lafon

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