We often hear about the health benefits of beer, but when you lay all the facts down in a list, it's pretty darn impressive! Grab a cold one, and let's celebrate these 7 reasons we're healthier thanks to our good friend, Mr. Beer.

Beer is awesome in my opinion. It helps us relax. It gives you the courage to sing, dance and make new friends. It makes every party more interesting. It also does our bodies good even you don't abuse it too often.

  1. Beer helps reduce risk of heart disease.
  2. Beers lowers risk of Type 2 diabetes.
  3. Beer can increase bone density.
  4. Beer can prevent dementia.
  5. Beer helps reduce cholesterol.
  6. Beer prevents kidney stones
  7. Beer may help fight cancer.

Thank you, beer for keeping us healthy and for quenching our thirst. I think we shall celebrate your awesomeness over Labor Day weekend with a bunch of your fine tasting friends at the Brews and BBQ festival at the Rockford Speedway September 2 and 3rd. Better get your tickets now before the kegs dry up and the BBQ get burned.


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