Remember when Chicago Cubs star Ben Zobrist took a year off because of his marriage problems? Now we know exactly what happened, yikes! It turns out his former "song bird" enjoyed sharing more than her songs. PJSTAR

Zobrist is seeking $6 millions dollars in damages from Byron Yawn, the CEO of Forrest Crain & Co. he is also the pastor that Ben and his wife were talking to about their marriage issues, AND the pastor that Ben's wife was sleeping with WHOA!!!

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I always thought it was so weird that a lifetime baseball player that busted his ass through different minor league systems for years, decided to put a MAJOR LEAGUE season on "pause." I always wondered if his wife got sick or something...You never really know what's going on, very little was said. But in 2019, Ben took time away from the Cubs to address his family situation.

So the Contemporary Christian singer Julianna Zobrist, Ben's wife watched as her husband donated and funded literally millions to the church...while she was having sex with the pastor. This same pastor, also counseled Ben Zobrist as he dealt with anxiety and depression...what a shady, low life piece of crap Byron Lawn is.

Ben ALWAYS came across as that wholesome, Midwest guy that hustled to get to the majors...His baseball life and his real life were ruined by a "man of the cloth." Pathetic.

You kinda wanna hug Ben Zobrist right now and tell him to keep hanging in there...Hopefully the lawsuit against "pastor" Yawn is as damaging as the pastors actions he chose to make.

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