As if the quarterback history of the Chicago Bears isn't bad enough, a former starter is going to be spending some time in prison.

The Chicago Bears have a long list of bad quarterbacks. The name Shane Matthews is definitely on it. He played for the team 1993-1996 and 1999-2001.

He didn't strike gold by playing in the NFL, so he had to find other ways to supplement his income. He started working for an old college teammate. Allegedly, his friend's company was committing fraud, which Matthews claims to know nothing about.

Unfortunately, Shane couldn't escape punishment.

According to,

"Former Bears quarterback Shane Matthews was sentenced to three months in prison for his involvement in a $20 million health care fraud conspiracy in Florida."

The ex-player says he learned a tough lesson from the incident and hopes to teach others from his mistake.

There are plenty of former Chicago Bears quarterbacks that should be arrested for stealing money from the team.


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