A fight after a pee-wee football game at Rockford Lutheran High School resulted in two visiting coaches being arrested.

My sophomore year of high school, the football team got three brand new coaches. They had never met before so that resulted in some arguments on the sidelines. Fortunately, it never went past loud voices.

Over the weekend in Rockford, things got scary after a youth football game.

According to mystateline.com,

"Two coaches are arrested after a brawl led to one man showing a gun at Rockford Lutheran High School." 

On Saturday, a pee-wee football from Calumet City came to town to take on the Rockford Renegades.

After the game, a pair of coaches from the visiting team got into a confrontation with parents and coaches from the home team.

The moment got intense and a parent struck one of the coaches. After that, the other Calumet City coach pulled out a gun, which caused the crowd to run away in a panic.

Police were called and recover the firearm. Both coaches, Terrance Morris and Devorah Clark, were arrested.

No students or players were involved. Also, no shots were fired.

These adults should be ashamed of themselves.


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