A visitor to Wisconsin from Florida, found that it was needed to tattle on Wisconsin drivers. SG

Snitches get stitches? This is some sad stuff, people. A person visiting Wisconsin from Florida was offended by what they seen on some Wisconsin license plate and had a hissy fit about it. They were so upset, they wrote a letter to the freakin' DMV and complained.

This act of "pouty pants" happened back in 2001 and shows that this Florida person had a problem his a "religious" related license plate. John Gorman saw a license plate that read:


That was it. That was worthy of a complaint to the DMV in Wisconsin.

Here's the basic compliant...John thought the driver was referring to themselves as THE Son of God. Oh brother.

"We are all the children of God, but there is only ONE Son of God." - John Gorman

Also ticking off was that the license plate was all in capital letters. What. Huh?

"That further offends me because there is only one Son. (capital letter) I encourage you to call any clergy and ask their opinion on the matter." - John Gorman

John continues his rant by asking the DMV to request to plate back.

"I have made quite an effort to be a concerned citizen. Please let me know the outcome of your actions." - John Gorman

No word on if the DMV pulled the plug on this license plate, wearing sandals and a robe apparently. But the "concerned citizen" had me cracking up.

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