Rockford legend Bad Brad Hefton was a Professional Karate Association World Super Heavyweight kickboxing champion who was also named the face of ESPN kickboxing in the 1980s.

old boxing gloves nailed to the textured wall

Bad Brad Hefton was a beast and entertained Rockford and the world in the 1980's. ESPN named Hefton the "Fighter of the Year" in 1985. His in ring skills were amazing and scary to be honest. A man of that size should not be able to move that quick.

I've had the pleasure of meeting Brad several times, I even went to a Bears game with him a few years back. He was passionate about his sport and his drive to be the best put him in the Illinois State Martial Arts Hall of Fame.

With all of his success, one of Bad Brad's most memorable fight came late in his career at the age of 30. Hefton stepped into the ring with a 19 year old Vitali Klitschko. Early in the fight, Bad Brad took a shot that broke his arm. Rockford's Super Heavyweight continued to fight for 8 more rounds! I get a cold and I'm on the couch for the next 24 hours.

So let's flashback and watch a whoopin' that PKC United States Super Heavyweight Champion Bad Brad Hefton handed to John Jackson. Notice Brad's Rockford hat at the end of the fight.



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