This Saturday night Christopher Titus will take the stage at the Rockford Theater. Besides the fact that he is nuts, do you really know him?

Photo - Ryan Farmer
Photo - Ryan Farmer

"Titus" had a two year run on Fox, his upbringing wasn't exactly "normal", and he is funny as hell.

These things we know about Comedian Christopher Titus. But what about the rest of the story.

According to AXS here are Five Things you Didn't Know About Christopher Titus:

  • He bases all his comedy in reality - Again, the childhood of Titus was a hot mess.
  • He's an award-nominated writer - The "Titus" episode "The Pendulum" is 2001 earned him the honor
  • When he's not on the road, he's hosting a game show - Pawnography is a spin-off, game show of Pawn Stars
  • He was in an episode of "The Twilight Zone" - In 2002 Titus appeared in an episode called "Gabe's Story".
  • ABC once cast him in the male "Sex and the City" - The Male version of this show lasted one season, it also featured Dylan McDermott.

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