Mother's Day is Sunday, let's not mess this one up.


Super Mom Beautiful Female Regular Character Hero Sheds Suit

She took care of you when you were sick, wiped your nose and other body parts, made you snacks and worried about you when you were away from home. So please don't mess up Sunday.

In an effort to help you not screw this weekend up, I found a list to help you not be a jerk on Mother's Day.

  • Macaroni Art - If you are over eight, as artsy as you might be this is a no.
  • An IOU Note - Happy Mother's Day, I'll mow your lawn in two weeks. Nope.
  • A Mom Tattoo - Name tattoo's are not a good idea, even your Mom knows this.
  • A Gift in Handmade Packaging - Your art skills suck, admit it.
  • A Framed Photo of you Without Your Siblings - I actually like this, and might do this one.


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