I had a chance today to speak with Night Ranger guitar player, Brad Gillis.

"FOX & Friends" All American Concert Series - Night Ranger
Getty Images - Bennett Raglin

Night Ranger began their rock and roll journey in 1979 in San Fransisco, and here they are still "Rockin' America" and the rest of the world in 2017.

With the release of a brand new album "Don't Let Up" on March 24th, I had a chance to speak with former Ozzy guitar player, and  the main riff pounder of Night Ranger Brad Gillis. Here are some of the questions I asked Brad:

  • What is the recording process like for a new album now, as compared to the beginning
  • What was it like working with Ozzy
  • Once Sister Christian blew up, what was that like
  • What is touring like now
  • 35 years later, 20 million albums what is the motivation


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