There is a viral video of a lady getting out of her car at a  "Wild Animal Safari Park", it didn't end well.

Tiger Cub Sleeping
Willbrasil21, ThinkStock

As the story to this video goes, the couple were arguing so the girlfriend got OUT OF HER CAR to argue more. A wild tiger drags her away, smart thinking.

So getting out of her car was dumb, wrong place wrong time. We started talking about Rockford and where it is not safe to exit your vehicle. This isn't a rip on a certain side of town, or taking a shot at a certain part of Rockford. This is simply a list of Five Places Not to get out of Your Car in the Rockford Area:

  • Any McDonald's drive thru - Dude people are hungry, stay in your car
  • The Car Wash - This will not end well for you, you might be cleaner though
  • Alpine & State at 5pm -  This isn't a very healthy idea
  • North Main and Auburn Roundabout - Cars have enough trouble
  • On the Track at the Rockford Speedway - Tony Stewart would agree


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