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If you had hopes of taking a tour through the now-infamous Greater Wynnewood Exotic Animal Park, sadly rewatching the Netflix Docuseries is the closest you'll get to doing so now.

Only five months ago Joe Exotic and everyone involved with Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem, And Madness helped us all through some pretty dark times, and in May we were promised proper sequel episode(s), but nothing has yet to unfold.

With school getting ready to start, more Tiger King could be just the thing to help us out yet again.

First off if you're not a member of the Facebook group, Tiger King Memes, you should really consider signing up. Currently sitting at 704.3K members, you won't be sorry.

The reface app videos people have been mass sharing lately will brighter any bad day alone!

Joe “Edge” Exotic!!

Posted by Jaimie Schwery on Saturday, August 15, 2020

Otherwise, for those looking for something a bit different, there's the Joe Exotic podcast on Wondery that pretty good. Great to listen to while mowing the yard. It's very similar to the information already available with the exception of talking about Joe's first longterm partner that passed away in Joe's arms and a more in-depth conversion with the husband whose teeth began a very popular meme themselves.

And there are hours of footage available on YouTube. Start with the Tiger King's page JoeExoticTV or just type in Tiger King, Joe Exotic into the search bar and be careful going down that rabbit hole.

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