Happy National Margarita Day Rockford!

EuropeanProjectStudios, ThinkStock
EuropeanProjectStudios, ThinkStock

I just love these "days". National Chocolate Day, National Go to Work Naked Day, National Hug a Tree Day, etc. If you label it, they will spend money...America.

So anyway, today is National Margarita Day. I can honestly tell you I have never ordered a Margarita in my life. I do enjoy some chips and salsa, but with an ice cold beer. So in order to do this list, I had to turn to our Margarita expert Tina Fox.

So according to Tina Fox, here are the Five Best Margarita's in Rockford:

  • Alvarez Mexican Restaurant (Near Cherryvale Mall) -  Garlic mashed potatoes too!
  • Mexico Classico - Large and in charge, yum.
  • De Juan in Belvidere - Worth the drive to Belvidere for sure!
  • Dos Reales - Try the fish tacos.
  • Lucha Cantina- Close to the station and they do it up right.

So celebrate smart, and enjoy this all important national holiday. If you have some favorite Margarita spots, let us know.




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