Chicago now has its first factory in years to produce vinyl.

Albums have made a huge comeback and I love it.

There's nothing like listening to your favorite band on a turntable.

Of course, the classics are popular but fans want new music on record too.

The only problem is there are a limited number of vinyl pressing plants in the world. Especially in the United States. Most of them closed during the CD era.

If you want to get new music made into an album, it could take several months. Many record release parties have gone without product because production is behind schedule.

There's good news. More vinyl pressing plants are opening.

According to,

"In Chicago, four investors have just opened the vinyl pressing plant Smashed Plastic on the north side."

The last one in the Windy City closed twenty years ago. It got shut down for making bootlegs to sell in India. Not too surprising considering Chicago's shady past.

There are now about two dozen factories in America.

This new record company is smaller and will work with mostly independent artists.

It's a good sign to see new businesses pop up so hopefully, vinyl will stick around for many years.

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