The Rockford Record Crawl will take place this Saturday at all four of our amazing local independent record stores: Culture Shock, Toad Hall, CD Source, and Kate's Pie Shop and go from 10am to 7pm. Each store will have their own sales and specials, along with door prizes and other cool random stuff! For the most information on the record crawl click here.

Doesn't matter if you've been shopping for vinyl for a long time, like myself, or if your new to it these are some pretty helpful tips to get you through the Rockford Record Crawl this Saturday.

Music Sales At HMV And Tsutaya Stores As Spotify Lands In Japan
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I found 5 useful tips thanks to

  • Don’t go into the store with any expectations. Whether it's this Saturday when your looking or the next time your at a thrift store/garage sale, don't go in with the exception that you're going to find exactly what your looking for. That way if you do happen to find it, you're pleasantly surprised.
  • The discount/clearance section can be your worst enemy or your best friend. It can be a little intimidating and frustrating all at the same time! A lot of the time these sections are mostly Christmas records or ones they have a ton of, but every once and awhile if you're really patient and really look you can find a real hidden gem. At at a great bargain!
  • Don’t overpay! Records can be very expensive, especially if the band is really popular. Some new vinyl can be pretty pricey too. I try not to pay too much for a record I'm gonna buy. I like to keep it between .50 cents to $25.00 for a record.
  • Always check the record sleeves. This one is VERY IMPORTANT! You don't want to be disappointed to find out the Rolling Stones record you bought, is really a Night Ranger record in disguise. Or worse yet, it being completely empty!
  • Ask if the store has any deals/specials. There will already be some amazing deals in place this Saturday for the record crawl, so the next time your out looking ask about any deals. You should also see if the store has a email newsletter or social media page you can subscribe to. That way the next time they have something going on, you'll already be in the know.

Happy Record Hunting!! Hope to see you out this Saturday at the Rockford Record Crawl!

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