And Vinyly, allows the soundtrack of your life to be played long after you have died.

And Vinyly, a fun spin on 'and finally,' is offering something extremely unique for they vinyl lover.

Marek Krempa, ThinkStock

To add to the decision of traditional burial, mausoleum burial, cremation or anything in between, one now must decided if they would like to be immortalized as a vinyl record. is the only place doing something like this, from what I know.

The basic vinyl package will run just under $6,000. Up to 30 records are included along with:

1. Standard artwork with  your name, date of birth and date of death will be on both the album cover and the record's label.

2. You supply the audio to the final soundtrack. This could be your favorite music, a pre-recorded message to friends and family or simply the crackle and pop of your ashes pressed in the record.

Sounds pretty incredible doesn't it!?

There are plenty of additional options and features to chose from, including original cover artwork done by an artist with paint and your ashes.

This is extremely outrageous and different that I can actually see myself doing this.

You have got to check out the website. It's incredible: