On September 1st, Loves Park will open its first-ever disc golf course.

Playing Frisbee

I am old school when it comes to playing frisbee. Growing up I remember throwing it around the park with friends and family. It was a fun activity.

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Then I saw the dogs who can run and catch frisbees. That is pretty amazing.

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A couple of years ago, one of my friends from high school came to Rockford for the weekend. His son was participating in an Ultimate Frisbee tournament out at Sportscore II.

That was pretty exciting to watch. it's kind of like soccer with frisbees.

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Finally, disc golf is basically playing golf with frisbees instead of clubs and balls.

The first time I ever heard of Frisbee Golf (or Frolf) was on Seinfeld.

Video: Seinfeld frolf

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Both Disc Golf and Ultimate Frisbee are very popular in the Rockford area. There are some popular places where people play. Now, there is a new one on the list.

First-Ever Disc Golf Course To Open In Loves Park

Great news for fans of Disc Golf, especially ones that live in Loves Park.

According to rockfordparkdistrict.org,

"The Rockford Park District invites you to celebrate the debut of a new 9-hole Disc Golf Course in Loves Park. This is the third disc golf course in the District and the first in Loves Park."

The grand opening is on Wednesday, September 1st at 4 pm.

This brand new Disc Golf Course is opening at Shorewood Park.

More info, HERE.

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