It's Christmastime again, which means it's time to find out what the popular to to buy is that you can resell the week before Christmas for a 400% markup. It's finally been determined what the biggest toy of 2019 is.

The Buttheads Fart Launcher 3000 is the highest demanded toy on the little turds Santa lists this year. The is shaped like a nerf gun, and releases a fart at the pull of a trigger. The gun comes with cartridges capable of "100 silent but deadly blasts," meaning you can send one across the room without anyone ever knowing.

Parent company WowWee says the gun is "Incredibly accurate" and the smell is "organic, plant based, doesn't get caught in fabric and dissipates in minutes."

Kids have loved gross toys for years. We can't forget about 2018's big toy, Poopsie the Unicorn:


The Fart Launcher 3000 is sold out at major retailers, and Amazon has a bit of a backorder until next week. We don't have a need for one of these at the station, Dwyer handles all of our smelly demands.

Check it out at Target

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