High school football games are starting in Illinois and the fans are excited.

Big Fan Of High School Football

I love watching sports, especially live in person.

My favorite sport is football. I will watch any level. In particular, high school football makes Friday nights exciting in the fall.

I think the reason I am such a huge fan is that I played the game, 5th grade through high school. It holds a special place in my heart.

When my daughter became a cheerleader at East High School in Rockford, I got excited because I got to watch her participate in something she enjoyed doing but also as a bonus, I got the check out some E-Rab and NIC-10 football.

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High School Sports Are Back 

For the last year and a half, high school sports just were not the same. Many games and seasons were canceled, delayed, or postponed. I really felt bad for the student-athletes who worked hard to play.

That makes this upcoming school year so exciting. High school sports are back to normal. Well, at least much better than it was.

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NIC-10 Football Is Fun To Watch

I have grown into a big fan of the NIC-10 football conference in the Rockford area. The games are fun to watch. There are a lot of good teams and players.

It is hard to believe but the season kicks off this Friday. The fans, students, teams, and alumni are pumped. Full crowds will be allowed to attend. Plus, it is back to the Fall season. Football is the Spring was strange.

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Sneak Preview Of The Upcoming Season

Starting this week I am going to have a NIC-10 football expert join me each week on my show to preview the upcoming matchups. He will also highlight his game of the week. That gridiron battle will be featured on a live broadcast on our sister station, WROK 1440 AM.

If you missed the first episode, check it out now.

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