Actor Jim Belushi, who is from Chicago, has a new side job as a pot farmer in Oregon.

I was at a Blackhawks playoff game at the old Chicago Stadium. I was running through the concourse trying to make it to my seat before the National Anthem started. There was a man sprinting towards me trying to do the same thing. As we passed each other, we exchanged a high-five and a "Go Hawks." At that second, I figured out my follow fan was Jim Belushi.

That was a huge moment from me because I'm a big fan. I've watched his movies and TV shows. I've even seen his band perform at the House of Blues in Chicago.

It sounds like the actor has a new hobby.

According to,

"He’s a cannabis farmer who cultivates six strains on a 93-acre property along Southern Oregon’s Rogue River." 

Jim visited Oregon with friends and immediately fell in love with the state. He bought some property so he could move there. While trying to decide what to do with it, marijuana was legalized. He enjoyed weed for years, going back to his days growing up in Wheaton, Illinois. He thought that growing cannabis would be a great idea.

His plan paid off and Belushi is now a successful "Pot Farmer."

By the way, his most popular strain is called "Captain Jack." That sounds familiar.


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