The Wisconsin Dells can be an action packed, family adventure. Especially if you have meth? A family of four AND a couple more people, arrested in huge Wisconsin Dells meth bust! WISCNEWS

There was a total of NINE people arrested with this giant Wisc Dells meth take down...Including a family of four. Can you do meth and go on waterslides, I have no idea.

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Here are the super guilty parties:

  • Darius White
  • Isabella Kilmartin
  • Mister Walker
  • Joseph McDonald
  • Toni Trotta
  • Teresa McDonald
  • Katelynn McDonald
  • Joseph McDonald
  • Dylan Belk 

Old McDonald had more than a farm...try meth, fentanyl, and drug paraphernalia. E.I.E.I.O...indeed.

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All nine of the beautiful people listed above were busted for possession of drug paraphernalia and maintaining a drug trafficking place. They were using the Wisconsin Dells as their main location to sell and distribute narcotics.


A search warrant was used to look through a home up there, and that's when all the arrest action took place. This wasn't the first legal troubles for the nine folks, including the family of four. Seven of the nine are bail jumpers, except for the oldest McDonald and Walker. Oh, the oldest McDonald was also in possession or prescription pills without a prescription.

This family of four, there are some youngsters in this meth dealing family, yikes. So to see mugshots CLICK HERE.

I prefer a waterslide, maybe a corndog or whatever...a beach towel that says Wisconsin Dells? I'll stick to that.

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Recognize any of these Wisconsin folks?

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