A man called "Dr. Phil" is in big, big, trouble. A giant drug bust went down and Dr. Phil has connections to cocaine, fentanyl, meth and so much more! JUSTICE

In all, this was a GIANT drug bust, that was a Multi-State Drug Trafficking bust. There are fifteen different people busted and this bust took down a MASSIVE supply f illegal drugs.

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Wisconsin Police Make Huge Bust Of Most Dangerous Drug In U.S.

You know the drug bust is huge when it has a name...

Operation Platinum Ghost


That's like some crazy actin movie title, starring Dwayne Johnson. But this was a drug bust that hit Minnesota, Wisconsin and so many more. There's one guy that we need to take a look at though. Dr. Phil. Not the TV Dr. Phil, but Phillip Daniels, Sr. who went by the name "Dr. Phil."

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This "Dr Phil" was the ring leader of this multi-state drug bust. Dr. Phil would get the drugs and make sure they got to the right states. We are talking:

  • fentanyl
  • heroin
  • methamphetamine
  • cocaine
  • marijuana
  • counterfeit oxycodone pills

This Dr. Phil had it all..."Had."

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Wisconsin Pedestrian Given Ticket For Being Hit By Car

Like I said, this drug bust was MASSIVE:

“The charges announced today are the direct result of the tireless work and collaboration of dozens of dedicated law enforcement professionals from federal, state, and local law enforcement in Wisconsin and across the country. Ingesting just two milligrams of fentanyl can be fatal for some users, and law enforcement’s work resulted in seizing over 10 kilograms of this lethal substance from alleged members of this organization in a single day. I commend the efforts of all involved in this incredibly important effort.” - U.S. Attorney Haanstad


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