If you ask me, this should have been done ages ago.


If you have Facebook, chances are you have encountered this before. Like many of us, you may have even been duped by it too!

I'm talking about fake news stories on Facebook. Usually they are some sort of death announcement that is extremely shocking. More times than not, it is usually a news story written with the intent of tricking people.

According to WTVO, Facebook will still allow these sorts of fake news stories to be published on Facebook, but they will be 'flagged' as fake.

When scrolling though your news feed, if you encounter a fake story, below the headline there will be a red label that says "disputed by 3rd Party Fact-Checkers." Users will be able to click on a "learn why this is disputed" link to get more information.

All I can think is where the heck was this when the elections were happening!? That would have changed the entire way the internet reacted to many of the political postings that circulated.

Well, here's to a soon-to-be garbage free Facebook news feed!

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