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This one should ruffle some feathers, and flip some mud flaps...This video names the "Top 10 Most Redneck Towns in Illinois."

Jamie Nicole
Jamie Nicole

The creator of this video uses quite an interesting formula to determine each towns Redneck status. I mean, you have to give this guy credit...he did his Redneck homework. Here is his "Redneck Equation."

  • How many Walmart's does the town have?
  • What's the high school graduation rate?
  • Are there gunshots heard often?
  • Individual places to buy tobacco.
  • Amount of bars

So are there any towns near us that make the grade, or lack of passing grades?

William Lee/ILLINOIS Abandoned Photos Group via Facebook
William Lee/ILLINOIS Abandoned Photos Group via Facebook

Before we dive too deep into this hilarious video let's take a look at this Top 10 list:

  • 10. Benton
  • 9. Effingham 
  • 8. Pontiac
  • 7. Jerseyville
  • 6. Amboy
  • 5. Jacksonville
  • 4. Chester 
  • 3. Litchfield
  • 2. Palestine 
  • 1. Vandalia

OK. whew! None of our area made this strange list! The comments on this YouTube video are MAYBE the best part of this whole thing! People that actually live in these towns, agreeing and not arguing.

Kase Stolte - I’m from Vandalia! Grandparents still live and most of my family. My wife is from Effingham. I hit the jackpot!


homer moore - Litchfield has a awesome china buffet out by the interstate.


its Mehochko - I live 8 miles from Litchfield, and there are no Golden Corals, and only one Walmart.

OK, so here's the video...If you have ever been through these towns maybe you will agree with the greater.



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