The Manitowoc Wisconsin Police Department is looking for a person that made off with an out of this world, theft. WeAreGB

Here's the historic background on this entire situation...

On September 5, 1962 a 20 lbs. piece of Russian Sputnik IV landed in the middle of the street on the corner of N. 8th and Park. Sputnikfest is our way of bringing the community together to celebrate this momentous event. Manit

So to celebrate, Manitowoc, Wi has a party, has a festival, has an "out of this world" festival. What's in it for the people that attend? Music, food, photo-ops, all kinds of out of space oddities...Celebrating a piece of Russian Sputnik falling to earth. Let's party.

Could you imagine anyone doing something "not nice" at such a fun festival? I mean, could you sleep at night if you stole from "Sputnikfest?"

Now to the "out of this world" theft...Obviously an event like this will require seating. So benched will work, right? I mean, when the party is one would steal benched from "Sputnikfest," right? See below:

The Manitowoc Police Department is investigating a theft complaint at the Rahr West Art Museum during the early morning hours of 9/7/23. The City of Manitowoc placed park benches on the terrace area along Park St. for Sputnikfest and several were taken. The Police Department is looking to speak with the individual in the attached video. Anyone with information to assist with identifying this individual is asked to contact the Manitowoc Police Department at 920-686-6551 FB


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