If you want to find out more about hauntings in the Rockford area, I highly suggest checking out Expedition Entity on Paraflixx.

Paranormal Documentary Series Based In Illinois

It's that time of the year, Halloween. I'm thinking of ghosts and haunts. I enjoy watching those documentary series about the paranormal. The only problem is they are rarely about Illinois or Wisconsin. It would be a lot cooler if they did. Luckily, there's now one that focuses on our area.

Expedition Entity is an award-winning streaming documentary series on Paraflixx. It's the brainchild of Dan Norvell and Larry Eissler (aka The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project). Their company Small Town Productions produces all of the segments. Each episode features a legendary haunt in Illinois or Wisconsin.

Seasons 1 And 2 Of Expedition Entity

I recently had the opportunity the talk with Dan and Larry about the first two seasons of Expedition Entity. They shared some stories about their investigations.

Season 2 Episode 1 Sledgehammers (Oregon, Illinois)

Season 2 Episode 2 Oregon Public Library (Oregon, Illinois) And Season 1 Episode 6 Brodhead Manner (Brodhead, Wisconsin)

Season 1 Episode 4 The Egyptian Theatre (DeKalb, Illinois)

Season 2 Episode 5 The Hanging Bride (Boone County, Illinois) And Season 2 Episode 6 Tinker Swiss Cottage

Video Evidence From Expedition Entity Investigations

They also shared with me some of the video evidence they discovered during the investigations. It features Sledgehammers, Oregon Public Library, Egyptian Theatre, Tinker Swiss Cottage, and Hanging Bride Bridge.

I did get to go on a couple of investigations with them. The first was at Veteran's Memorial Hall in downtown Rockford. Unfortunately, we came up empty. The next time I went to Tinker Swiss Cottage and we got a bunch of interactions. I was able to communicate with some of the ghosts with dowsing rods. You can check out the footage for yourself.

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