Dogs only exclusive Chicago Bears Fan Club in Illinois.

Tough Time For Bears Fans

It has been tough being a Chicago Bears fan for many years. A long time has passed since they have been in contention for the Super Bowl.

The team really knows how to test the loyalty of their supporters. I am with the team through the good times and bad. I will always be a fan.

That does not go for everybody. I know several people that have jumped off the Chicago Bears bandwagon completely. Some started following other teams while others just stopped watching football altogether.

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Time To Start Recruiting New Fans

I can actually say that it is good to see Chicago Bears fans excited about something again. That is the new rookie first-round draft pick quarterback, Justin Fields.

Though I would not recommend throwing a bunch of money on the team to win the championship,  there is at least something to look forward to.

It is time for the Bears to start getting those old fans back and maybe even recruit some new ones. I am not talking casual ones. What they really need are more diehard followers.

Chicago is looking to bring some new fans aboard but they are coming from a very unique place. If someone is already a fan, would it just make sense that their dog could be too?

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Chicago Bears Fan Club For Dogs

I was a little surprised when I see this big news from the Chicago Bears. They have started a brand new fan club exclusively for dogs.

Photo From Chicago Bears Email To Season Ticket Holders
Photo From Chicago Bears Email To Season Ticket Holders

This is not a joke. It is a real thing the team is doing. Though I think it is really cool, I am a little disappointed it is just for dogs.

I have a cat named Payton, after Walter, who would enjoy being a member too. Maybe, someday.

Details For Bears Paws Program

According to,

"The free program offers fans an opportunity to connect their furry family members with their favorite team through unique gear, experiences, and information dedicated to pet parents."


"Fans will receive access to quarterly newsletters, dog-related content and exclusive partner offers and promotions, in addition to information about how the Chicagoland rescue community is improving the lives of dogs and dog-lovers alike."


"We know that being a Bears fan has always been a family affair and, for many fans, that family includes a pet."


Photo From Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holders Email
Photo From Chicago Bears Season Ticket Holders Email

To sign up for your dog, HERE.

The best part, it is free with lots of perks.

For more info, HERE.

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