How much is it worth to be free and NOT in jail? To this guy, apparently the answer was $11-a-month.

There's a 25-year-old guy in Toulouse, France. He recently got out of prison, but earlier this month he was busted for a string of burglaries when the cops found his DNA from saliva on the scene.

And when they arrested him, he admitted he'd intentionally SPIT all over the houses he broke into because he wanted to get caught.

Why? Back in prison, they had a premium TV channel called Canal-Plus for free. And he wanted to go back to prison to watch it.

A subscription to Canal-Plus costs around $11-a-month.

The channel has things like movies, sports, and original and imported TV series. A quick glance over their homepage showed they've got shows like "Killing Eve" and "Big Bang Theory" and movies like "The Predator" and "The Emoji Movie".

Anyway, the court ordered a psych evaluation of this guy before they decide whether to send him back to prison to watch TV or not.

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