This Saturday, March 20th is the first day of Spring 2021...We have waited not only for Spring, but LIVE music for a long time. You get both in one, live and loud day. Ladies and gentlemen, the RETURN OF LIVE MUSIC, Eaglestock III.

*Ten hours of live Classic Rock, from 9am-7pm. Presented by Oscars & Jax Pub.

*Download the Eagle App HERE to be able to register for hourly prizes.

*All of your 96.7 The Eagle favorites, here is the official lineup:


  • 9am - Cheap Trick
  • 9:30am - Def Leppard
  • 10am - Journey
  • 10:30am - Rush
  • 11am - Paul McCartney 
  • 11:30am - KISS
  • 12pm - Rolling Stones
  • 12:30pm - Pink Floyd
  • 1pm - Motley Crue
  • 1:30pm - Lynyrd Skynyrd 
  • 2pm - Queen
  • 2:30pm - Who
  • 3pm - Poison 
  • 3:30pm - Van Halen
  • 4pm - Ozzy 
  • 4:30pm - Aerosmith
  • 5pm - Tom Petty
  • 5:30pm - ZZTop 
  • 6pm - AC/DC
  • 6:30pm - Led Zeppelin 

*A kick ass t-shirt that costs only $10, yep a $10 concert t-shirt! Thanks to 815 Gardens for helping with this. the shirt looks great and all of the money goes to Spectrum Schools. Take a look and order yours HERE.

Eaglestock front

Hosted by Double T and Jen Austin.

Jen will give you an Eaglestock III code word at the top of EVERY hour to win an Eaglestock Prize Pack. 

  • Eaglestock t-shirt
  • Sunglasses
  • Koozie

Use this form to submit the word you hear:

It's going to be a long, live, loud, rockin' day! Keep yourself hydrated with Mt. Dew and get ready for the first day of Spring in 2021. Feel free to send us pictures of you jamming out to Eaglestock III on the app!


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