An elementary school in the Chicago Suburbs was put on lockdown on Wednesday, when a student was found with 3 rounds on ammo. MyStateline

Visitation Elementary School in Elmhurst, IL was visited my officers after reports of a young students showing other students the bullets that he brought to school.


Here is the official statement from the Elmhurst Police Department Facebook page:

 Today at approximately 9:30 a.m. the Elmhurst Police Department responded to Visitation Elementary School at 851 S. York Street for a report from school administration involving a student that brought three rounds of ammunition to school. - Elmhurst Police Department

The elementary school was put on a "soft lockdown" and there were no weapons found, just the 3 rounds of ammo. After the student was showing off the ammo to some other children, one of the students that noticed what was going on notified a parent. The parent called the school, and action was taken.

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Smart thinking my the student that noticed it and reacted by contacting a parent. The Elmhurst Police Department hung around a little longer to let the students and parents know that everything was ok, and the situation at the elementary school was 100% safe.

“The Elmhurst Police Department will maintain an additional presence during school arrival and dismissal times to reassure students and parents, we thank the student who witnessed the situation for telling a parent and keeping the school safe.” - Elmhurst Police Department

Hopefully the investigation reaches the child's home, so if can be figured out where this ammo came from.

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