Wait a minute? I thought you said you were going to get eaten alive by an Anaconda and this is all we got?

While on my honeymoon I watched a lot of television. I loved starting my day with television, blankets, pillows and a dose of bizarre shows. One thing that was prevalent in my watching were the commercials. I never watch commercials at home!

One commercial that stuck out big time was for a program on Discovery Channel of some idiot (Paul Rosolie) who was going to be eaten alive by an Anaconda. The show was appropriately titled 'Eaten Alive.'

Every single time the commercial came on, I told my husband, "babe we have got to make sure we watch this!" He agreed and before I knew it I was at home, on my couch with a bowl of popcorn waiting for this guy to be swallowed by the slithering beast.

Spoiler alert: It never happened.

WHAT!? I was so mad. I wasted precious moments of sleeping time to watch this guy not do a thing. So he got squeezed a little bit. Big deal.

Here's the only good part of the whole thing, in case you missed it.


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