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Lately, I have been absolutely addicted to Shark Tank reruns. What could I invent and present in front of the "sharks," on national t.v.? Will Mr. Wonderful like me, could I get Mavs tickets from Mark Cuban? The variety of personalities that are offering up some big money for these creations, that's so fun to watch. Now the inventions, that's a whole different story. Some I can totally dig, but some seem so far fetched that I question if they are actually real or not. There was one guy that wanted to shoot a laser into your ear to better hold earbuds in place...huh?

Then there are the inventions that just make you say, well duh...that is genius. Like "SockTABs" created by Glen and Tracey Burress from Rockford. So here's the concept, a small plastic disc with flaps that keep a pair of socks together in the laundry...Like I said early, well dun...that is genius.

After presenting their product and "swimming with the sharks," Glen and Tracey were offered a deal by Daymond, the creator of the FUBU line of clothing. Daymond offered to couple $50,000 for 30% equity of the SockTABs company.

SockTABs have been very successful, and the couple have gone on to be honored by several organizations for their creation.

Check out Glen and Tracey Burress from Rockford, Illinois on Shark Tank - November 2015.

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