Some Walmart stores in Illinois are offering drive-up alcohol pick-up services for their customer's convenience.

I remember going down to Missouri for a wedding a few years ago. After the reception, the party was going to continue back at the hotel. I was in charge of picking up some beer on my way pack. I was pleasantly surprised that I didn't have to leave my vehicle because there was a drive-thru liquor store. What a great service. Since then, I wished we had one here.

Now, Illinois has stepped up its booze availability.

According to,

"Walmart is debuting drive-up alcohol pickup at about 2,000 of its stores in 29 states, including Illinois."

"Shoppers can choose from available beer and wine selections as well as spirits on Walmart’s website, then schedule a time for pickup, just like with other grocery items. A personal shopper will grab the items selected. Once your order is placed, pull up to the designated pickup spot at the designated time, check-in on the Walmart app and a worker will bring out your items. All alcohol purchases require a valid state ID, which will be verified by store employees."

Can you imagine the possibilities? You'll volunteer to bring the drinks from now on because it's so easy to do.


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