There are certain jobs you look at and say, "Nope. Never. Couldn't possibly do it." Washing windows on a Chicago Skyscraper is, for me, one of those jobs.

Granted, I have a pretty severe fear of heights. I realized it early in life when my dad and a neighbor had to stage a rescue when I managed to get up onto the roof of our single story ranch-style house. I froze, lying face down on the roof until my dad came up and literally tossed me off the house into the waiting arms of our amused neighbor.

I have not ventured up onto a roof of any sort since then.

If there were only two jobs left in the world, one being a skyscraper window washer, and the other being a guy who gives giant crocodiles vasectomies on a river bank without the use of anesthetic---my only question is: where are the crocodiles?

Perhaps the lucky Chicago window washer is studying the finer points of animal sterilization even as we speak:

A window washer was rescued after dangling off the side of a 58-floor high-rise in River North.

Around noon Tuesday, Chicago police and fire crews responded to calls for a rescue at 33 West Ontario.

A man became stuck on the 53rd floor of the building after one of the ropes securing him reportedly broke.

The Chicago Fire Department tossed the man additional rope from the roof, and held him securely as he walked up the side of the building.

The man made it safely to the roof with assistance from CFD.


It seems as though this sort of thing happens all too frequently:

Again, where do I find those crocodiles?

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