When Double T was little, his parents like to work above the law.

When Double T was little his parents liked to go for dinner on Friday nights to a place in Glen Ellyn, Illinois called Big Banjo.

A few years ago, the Chicago Tribune in their "Whatever Happened To" feature did a story about Big Banjo and they talked to Double T's Dad about it.

Here's what he said in that Chicago Tribune article.

"Early in their marriage Eero and Pat Turen made a pact to go out to dinner every Friday. The standing date gave the couple -- and eventually their young son -- a chance to review the week together and make plans for the weekend. In the late 1960s the Turens usually spent that evening at the Big Banjo Restaurant in Glen Ellyn. It beckoned drivers on Roosevelt Road with a giant lighted banjo sign. Inside, customers ordered pizza and pitchers of beer at the counter, and as they waited, joined in on a giant singalong led by musicians on banjo, piano, horn and drums. They sang songs like "Take Me Out to the Ball Game," "This Land is Your Land" or "When Irish Eyes are Smiling." If people didn't know the words, they could read them on a screen with a helpful bouncing ball. "It was a regular hangout for us for two or three years," said Eero Turen, who remembers how his whole family enjoyed the lively entertainment for less than $20 each visit. "It really seemed to me like somebody had a good idea and put it together."

Well, that's not all of the story.

Sometimes Double T would be a cranky baby, just like any normal kid. It was his parents one night to go out, so they didn't want that to ruin their night.

One night they tried an experiment and guess what, it worked. They poured a little beer out of their pitcher into his bottle. After a couple of sips, he was in a much better mood. He would even start dancing along with the band's music.

Now before you start judging them, remember it was a much different time. Kids didn't wear helmets when riding their bikes. Children didn't use seat belts. You could go play with your friends without your parents knowing where you were at all times.

Of course nowadays, Double T's parents would get in big trouble. That could change with a proposed new law.

I hope the lawmakers are careful comparing Illinois to Wisconsin.

In Wisconsin, drinking is a way of life. People are allowed to get multiple OWI's. Sometimes, it seems like they are almost encourage when you see stories about people getting their 10th OWI and not in jail.

Also, there isn't much to do in Wisconsin. Drinking, hunting, drinking, watch the Packers, and drinking.

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