The "Fat Earthers" think that Australia isn't real, Double T has been there..or has he?


According to The Space Academy, an organization that thinks the earth is flat, ALSO thinks Australia is not real. Like, it's's a "hoax". That's right, they think the following:

"Australia is not real, It's a hoax, made for us to believe that Britain moved over their criminals to someplace. In reality, all these criminals were loaded off the ships into the waters, drowning before they could see land ever again. It's a coverup [sic] for one of the greatest mass murders in history." - Shelley Floryd

I wonder if the 24 million people and all the kangaroos know that they aren't real. That's so messed up.

Our own Double T has in fact been to Australia, or according to the "Flat Earthers" he's been to South America...that is where this group of people say that they fly you.



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