This weekend 96.7 The Eagle "Doubles Down".

Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino Opens In South Florida
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It's a "Double Down" Weekend on 96.7 The Eagle, double the classic rock for the same low price...FREE! So instead of one Led Zep, you get two. Rather than a single song by Aerosmith, here's get the point.

So this got me thinking about Rockford. What does this city need two of? Here is my short list of 5 Things That Rockford Needs two of:

  • Double T - Even the name says it! So the next he takes a vacation, I don't have to wake up at 4 am.
  • Andy Roiniotis - Local restaurant/bar owner that is always crazy busy! I wonder what Isabelle would think?
  • Clocktower Resort - Oh wait....never mind.
  • Symbol - Why not double up the confusion of what in the world that is. 
  • Portillo's - We would like one on Brendenwood Road to be specific.

Enjoy the "Double Down" Weekend!


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