Recently I was given an "ambush makeover" for which I'm grateful. Sometimes we can get a little too comfortable with our look and I defiantly fell into that category. After being left at the salon to get my makeover, the only thing I knew was that I was going to be donating my hair after it was cut. The only reason I let it get that long in the first place, was to donate it once it was long enough.

I wanna say this is the fourth time I've donated multiple ponytails to Lock of Love.  And it won't be the last. See I was blessed with incredibly thick hair, so to not share it with kids in need is just plain stupid. What Locks of Love, or even Wigs for Kids, does is take at least 10 inches of hair and use to make wigs for children who are losing theirs form a variety of medical issues. I will be sending them 5 ponytails, just over ten and half inches each. In trying to find a before picture, I couldn't find one where I or someone else wasn't in costume. What can I say, I like dressing up in a costume.

On my way to Round Up for Hunger with the Rock River Valley Pantry
Pirate and Princess Night with the Rockford IceHogs

Now that I've had that much cut off it feels so much lighter and the amount of shampoo I use has been cut in half. Plus I really like how it looks.

Loving the shorter do!

I'll leave shorter for awhile, because I really like it. Then I'll start the process of growing it out so I can again make another donation. If you too want to donate please find out how here: