I will be having nightmares for the rest of my life after watching these monster spiders invade this town.

I'm beyond scared of spiders. Maybe it stems from my childhood? I was traumatized as a kid because of my father. I would see a spider, scream then run to daddy to kill it. He always killed the spider, but then chased after me with it around the house until I locked myself into a room so he couldn't get me with the dead spider. It was a fun game he would play, but 6-year-old Lori was scared!

Fast forward to my adult life when one night spiders ruined my life. (OK so I admit that is a bit dramatic but man I was scared.) So they ruined my good night sleep, same thing.

My sweetie was at work and I was home alone. I went upstairs to go to bed. I couldn't quite fall asleep right away and I was tossing and turning back and forth. I opened my eyes so I could find my blanket and sitting inches away from my face was a HUGE spider! I'm pretty sure I have never moved so fast in my life.

I jumped out of bed, threw the water out of my water glass onto the floor and attempted to catch the spider in the glass upside down so sweetie could kill it when he got home.

I quickly realized that the glass wouldn't balance with an airtight seal on the bed to capture the spider. I then scrambled with my foot to get the book that was on the floor a ways from the bed.

I'm stretching and stretching and I finally got the book. I tried to maneuver the spider inside the glass with the book on top but was failing miserably. I could feel my heart beat faster and faster.

I finally found a position where I could hold the book below the sheet, spider on top of sheet and glass on top of the spider. I knew this wasn't going to hold until 1 a.m. when sweetie would get home.

As I sat holding it, I was texting my sweetie feverishly to quit his job and hurry home to kill the spider because I was in danger... the next worst possible thing happened.

Another spider crawled across the floor and onto my foot! OH NO!

I screamed, jumped, yelled bloody murder and ran as fast as I could out of the house to my car. I left the house and did not sleep in my bed that night.

If I lived in the house in this video... my God I have no idea what I would do. I know I would obviously have to move... but how!? How do you get out of something like that!?