Did you know that there is a haunted house in Wisconsin that is actually really haunted?

The Old Brodhead Middle School Is Now A Haunted House

The original middle school in Brodhead, Wisconsin closed many years ago. A local resident bought it and decided to make it into a haunted house.

According to hauntedworld.com

"The scale and variety of this event offers something to thrill even the boldest of Halloween fanatics and will feature over 20,000 square feet of horror, indoor waiting, movies, concessions, and gift shop!"


"SCREAMATORIUM Haunted House, Wisconsin’s Ultimate Haunted House, is not only one of the scariest haunted houses in Wisconsin, but has been striking fear into the hearts of terrified visitors since 2008 in the Northern Illinois area and this year has risen the bar offering new excitement, over the top thrills and nonstop action-packed experiences in the HISTORIC LANDMARK LOCATION (the old Brodhead Middle School built-in 1906) featuring over 20,000 square feet of horror in a real haunted historic building!"


"This October Experience Southern Wisconsin’s Extreme Halloween Event!"


Photo From YouTube
Photo From YouTube

Brodhead Middle School Haunted House Is Really Haunted

In a recent conversation with my friends, Dan and Larry, from The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project, I found out some interesting information about the Brodhead Middle School Haunted House that makes it even scarier. The Place is really haunted. Now, that is taking the haunt to the next level.

Photo From YouTube
Photo From YouTube

More Details About The Hauntings At Old Brodhead Middle School With Dan And Larry From The Ghosthunter Dan Norvell Project

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