Did a man in Illinois free himself from handcuffs by using a magic trick and then escape from the police?

Like many people, I've had my moment in handcuffs. No, I'm not going to share my story. This isn't the time or place and by the way, this story isn't about me. Without a key, I don't see it possible to escape handcuffs. Unless it's part of a magic trick.

According to chicago.cbslocal.com,

"A man arrested for drunk driving is back in custody, after bending his handcuffs while in the back of a squad car, and running off when he arrived at the County Jail. When the county sheriff’s deputy who arrested the suspect arrived at the jail and opened the back door of his squad car, he darted past him and started running. He had freed one of his hands from his handcuffs, after bending them while his arms were behind his back, compromising the integrity of the cuffs."

This guy must have Hulk-like strength or has studied under David Copperfield because handcuffs are painful to wear and quite strong.

The deputy hit the escapee with a taser ending the chase quickly.

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