If you live in Rockford, I'm assuming you've probably heard by now that Mary's Market has closed their Edgebrook location until this summer. If you're just hearing this bad news for the first time, here's the official announcement from Mary's Market;

I'm still pretty bummed by this news, because this particular Mary's Market location is just a few minutes away from the radio station, and it is a favorite for many of us for lunch and coffee in the building. Sure, we still have two other Mary's Market locations to enjoy in the Stateline area, and that softens the closure blow a little bit, but I'd be lying if I said I'm still not wondering why.

Why Was Mary's Market Forced to Close Their Edgebrook Location?

Now, for the record, everything I am about to say is just speculation based on some recent truths.

When Mary's Market first announced this temporary closure at Edgebrook, some people assumed they were closing to make some improvements or renovations, but I don't think that is true. For one, the above announcement says nothing about renovations. Secondly, the text on the post says; "apply online for your new job today and let's get Edgebrook back open!".  I do believe that is our answer, friends. Mary's Market cannot find enough employees to operate all three of their locations, and the closure of the Edgebrook location is the result. Can we please all start working again so these closures can stop? Pretty, please?!?

Know someone who needs some extra cash? Tell them to apply at marysmarket.com right now.

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