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With the Chicago Bears stumbling into the playoffs this weekend, there is this...

Thursday on Twitter, Houston Texans Quarterback Deshaun Watson "teased" being in Chicago next year. Deshaun in a top five quarterback in the NFL, and has made it known that he wants out of Texas.

According to Fanside Mr Watson may have tipped his hand to where he would like to play next season. The "very unhappy" QB took to Twitter, and followed two WGN Weathermen, and even commented about how he likes Chicago weather?? I'm totally jumping on this rumor and running with it. So check this out:

Who follows a weatherman in Chicago, if you live in Texas?

Deshaun Watson is a winner, a top five quarterback that understands his job and his responsibilities...and other players know what his value is as an NFL qb. This is NFL stud JJ Watt, apologizing to Deshaun for wasting one of his seasons.

The rumor is that it will take FIVE first round picks to get Deshaun Watson in a Chicago Bears uniform next year, wow. That is a lot of draft picks, but seriously...just do it. At this point, do it. Give him control, give him Virginia's office, give him grilled cheese sandwiches delivered by the mayor everyday at noon...Just make this happen.



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